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Subterranean waterproofing is waterproofing to an area that is below ground. This is traditionally performed at construction stage of a project, but there are many options to prevent below ground water ingress post construction. Water entering a structure from below ground sources is very common and can cause major structural issues if not treated.

Common areas where subterranean and negative applied waterproofing is required:

Underground basement carparks
Elevator lift shafts
External perimeter walls where below ground
Water and storage tanks
Retaining walls

Where remedial waterproofing is required, often excavation of surrounding soils etc. is required. This allows us to access to the external side of the affected area, which can give a more permanent waterproofing solution.

Where it is not possible to reach the external side of the affected areas, internal waterproofing is often required. This is a process where specialised waterproofing systems are used to stop the ingress of water from the internal side of the affected area. This can also include crack injection and water stop services. Negative applied membranes can also offer a permanent solution to water ingress.

CBK use a large number of systems to repair these issues including sheet membranes, crack injection, negative applied membranes, grout injection, and slab blinding. Please contact one of our team today to organise a quote

Get a quote for subterrenean waterproofing

Lift Shaft Waterproofing Before

Lift Shaft Waterproofing in Sydney – Before

Lift Shaft Waterproofing After

Lift Shaft Waterproofing in Sydney – After

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