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Concrete Spalling and Cancer Repair

Concrete Spalling and Cancer Repair Services

Concrete spalling is a degradation that occurs during prolonged exposure of the reinforcing steel to moisture, generally caused by cracks or insufficient waterproofing of a concrete structure, allowing water into the structure. At CBK Waterproofing we specialize in repairing concrete spalling to restore the strength and appearance of concrete structures.
Concrete Spalling and Cancer Repair​

At CBK Waterproofing, we understand the importance of stopping water leaks and protecting your property from water damage. Our team of experienced professionals will work efficiently and effectively to complete the job in a timely manner, and will leave the work area clean and tidy upon completion.
Stop water leaks and protect your property with concrete crack injection services from CBK Waterproofing.

Why is it so important to treat concrete cancer?

Concrete spalling/concrete cancer is caused by water or moisture ingress into a concrete structure, causing the reinforcing steel to corrode or rust. When the reinforcing steel rusts, it expands to up to 700% its original size, causing the surrounding concrete to be displaced. This displacement can cause cracks, flaking, or in extreme cases the concrete can fall away from the structure which is a major safety hazard, as well as causing weakened structural integrity of the structure.

If left untreated, the damaged caused by concrete cancer and spalling can grow exponentially, as more and more water or moisture is able to enter the structure due to the existing cracks and open cavities caused by concrete spalling. This can lead to major and extensive structural and non-structural damage, meaning extensive and expensive repair is required.

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