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We are dedicated to providing the best possible service and advice for Strata Managers, Owners Corporations and homeowners throughout Sydney. Our extensive knowledge of waterproofing products and concrete cancer treatments, combined with our many years of experience in this industry, make us the ideal choice when you need a reliable contractor for waterproofing and concrete cancer works. 
Strata Works

What causes rising damp problems in buildings?

Damp problems in a building can cause major issues within the structure. These issues can include rotting in timber structures, and concrete cancer or degradation of concrete and brickwork/mortar in concrete/brick structures.

Rising damp is the term used for the slow movement of water from the lower parts of a structure to higher parts of the structure. This occurs when groundwater rises up vertically through the pores of a wall structure, through a process called capillary action. When this moisture infiltrates the walls of a building it can cause damage to its integrity and physical appearance.

Rising damp and other damp issues in structures are usually caused by poor initial application of damp proofing systems, or degradation over time. Low lying areas close or below the water table are most susceptible to these types of issues.

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